Customer Testimonials – A Business Website Must-Have

Picture 9Each year, more and more consumers are shopping for products and services online.  And every business, looking to stay in business, understands the importance of a strong online presence. But because of the anonymity the Internet affords, it is essential for a business website to provide credibility to site visitors and to stand apart from the countless unethical online sellers.

One of the easiest ways to establish this is to include a customer testimonials area on your website. This is an important way to not only promote your business strengths but to add a personal touch in a very impersonal cyber-environment.

Don’t be bashful. When you receive positive feedback from your clientele about your products and/or services, ask them to put it in writing. You’ve earned the right to ask and a very satisfied customer is usually more than happy to provide one.

Keep it simple. They don‘t need to write a book. You just want a few lines, in their own words, on why it was a pleasure to work with you – be it your timeliness, professionalism or exactly how your product or service positively affected their life or business.

Remember, the end result is to establish business credibility. An online testimonial won’t mean much unless you provide the contact information of the person behind it. Always include their name, name of their business, a phone number and email.

Third party testimonials are a powerful tool for improving conversion rates. The ultimate goal of a business website is to turn site visitors into customers.



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2 thoughts on “Customer Testimonials – A Business Website Must-Have

  1. BMD-Media

    It is really very important to show customer testimonials on home page. Nice and positive testimonials will make good impression on the visitors.

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