Designing Business Websites That Work With Consumer’s Mobile Lifestyle

Insight Design Studios Launches New Website Focusing On Responsive Website Design

Responsive DesignInsight Design Studios, a Canton, CT based website and graphic design company, launched their new website sporting a fresh new look, an additional service of responsive design and an updated portfolio.

Tina Rice, owner and head designer of InSight Design Studios has always prided herself as a web designer that offers her clients the latest in front-end web development. Realizing that more consumers are shifting to a mobile lifestyle, businesses need their websites to be user-friendly across mobile devices and clients are looking for a cost effective solution.

“Websites are no longer just seen on just a home computer screen, they are now being viewed on smart phones, laptops, and tablets,” states Tina. According to Google, “67% of mobile users say that they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site, and 74% say they’re more likely to return to that site in the future.”

The answer is offering responsive website design. In this format, developers are able to create websites that adapt and respond to whatever device is accessing the website. These sites enhance the user experience with a single URL. What does that mean? Since the onset of smart phones, users were redirected to a sub-domain (ie. and developers had to build two versions of your website, costing you more. Now with the help of responsive design the more visitors to your website across multiple devices will help your company get closer to the first page on the search engines because users are going to your website and not a sub-domain.

“Speed, convenience and efficiency are important to our way of life. In the realm of business websites, responsive design is the wave of today, an opportunity to drive more users to your website, organically enhance your page rank and ultimately generate new business.”

To learn more about this subject or to speak with Tina Rice call (860) 693-8929 or email

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  1. Ronald

    Now a day web or website design is focusing on the consumer’s needs. Mobile web design is one on the important basic requirement for any business which is having business based online. Thanks for sharing an informative post.

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